Business Competitions

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is an easy way to communicate the essential elements of your project, business idea, social cause, or your professional credentials to get others’ attention and action.


A panel of three professors will evaluate and judge the pitches. The pitches will be evaluated on the basis of:
• Substance: clarity and persuasiveness of the argument presented.
• Delivery: attention to tone, volume, pronunciation, and pace.
• Non-verbal communication, including attire (see Suitable Attire below) and background.
Timing: pitches will be cut off after 60 seconds The jury’s judgment will be expressed in a scale of 1 to 5, as follows:
• 5 = Excellent presentation on all counts = A
• 4 = Very good presentation with minor issues in one or more evaluation areas = B
• 3 = Pitch can be significantly improved but is satisfactory overall = C
• 2 = Pitch is incomplete and severely lacking in one or more evaluation aspects = D
• 1 = Candidate does not even try = F
• Professors may either attend their students’ closed-door presentations and assign grades independently, or rely on the evaluations of the jury, following the scale outlined above.
• Each team must have 5 persons.
• Winners will be announced at Closing Ceremony.

5 member Team, & individuals can participate in the competition

For more details, Contact:

  • Ayan Anjum: 0335-1048707