Engineering Competitions

RC Car

Rules :
1- Maximum 2 members are allowed in each group
2- All the cars will be tested on a track
3- The track will be revealed during the competition
4- Car once placed on the starting line can’t be touched by the operator
5- You can have 2 more chances if your car leaves the track
6- The condition regarding leaving the track is that at least 3 tyres must remain on track otherwise you will lose 1 chance
7- The judgement is based on the checkpoints, time taken and most importantly how you design your car and how it looks aesthetically
8- The key to win is alignment of tyres

For more details, Contact:

  • Muhammad Ali: 03336324219

Bridge Building


A wooden truss bridge building competition is conducted using popsicles and binding material (Elfee). The ratio of the bridge’s load carrying capacity to its own weight, aesthetics, and technical soundness are all evaluated. Most efficient bridge wins the competition.



• Maximum 4 & minimum of 3 participants.
• 200 Popsicle sticks and 50-gram bottle of glue will be provided to each team.
• No extra material will be provided or allowed to be used during competition.
• Maximum time allowed for bridge building will be 2.5 hours.
• Only “Truss Bridge” is allowed.
• Any other assembly technique will disqualify your team.
• Bridge Span length should be strictly “18 inches”.
• Loading will be applied on the deck of the bridge at center across the span length.
• Evaluation of Bridge will be based on Efficiency (Loading Capacity and Self Weight) and dimensioning.


For more details, Contact:

  • Hafiz Muhammad Hamza: 0343-5323400

Line Follower Robot

Maze Solver is an autonomous robot which follows either black line in white are or white line in black area. Robot must be able to detect line and keep following it


• Maximum 4 members are allowed in each team.
• The line follower can be based on any microcontroller.
• The battery voltage should not exceed 14 Volts.
• Your line follower sensors can be of any type, but you cannot have more than 6 sensors.
• The line follower can be of three tyres or four tyres.
• The line is of black color having a width of 1-2inches
• Each team get two rounds, in both rounds you will get two tries. The judges will count your best try.
• You can get 5 minutes before the second round to change the code if needed.

For more details, Contact:

  • Hibah Nadeem: 0312-1496657