Master Chef

To present students a platform for them to develop their creative and decision-making abilities, as well as to aid them in discovering their latent talents and new areas of interest.


Team eligibility:

  • 2 members should be in a team to participate in the event. The maximum number of participants is 4.

Rules and regulations:

  • Participants should not bring any pre-cooked items.
  • All teams must arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes early
  • Each team will be given 55 minutes for cooking and 5 minutes will be given for the presentation.
  • Participants are required to wear gloves and chef caps all the time.
  • Late arrivals will lead to disqualification from the competition.
  • Participants are supposed to display a chart having the name, ingredients and calorie count each dish they have
  • All the items required for cooking should be brought by the participants themselves, only working table will be provided.
  • Participants can bring non-electric equipment like mixer, chopper, juicer, grater etc.
  • Participants are required to keep their workplace tidy and clean throughout the competition
  • The evaluation will be based on the taste of the dish, nutritional level, cleanliness and presentation, unique name of the dish.



For more details, Contact:

Sabeen Rubab: 0301-0708870